SparcPay  is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to outdated paper-based payables processes - particularly paper cheques. Paper cheques are inconvenient, and of all payment methods, they are the most vulnerable to fraud.

SparcPay is a cloud-based platform that  integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks and other accounting systems, facilitating a digital review and approval process. You determine the approval levels and flow, and authorized users can review and approve payments from any computer or mobile device. Approvals are digitally signed and recorded on a blockchain - providing a much higher level of security and audit capability than paper cheques. Approved payments are made electronically.

By streamlining the payables process, you have more options to optimize cash flow by taking advantage of early payment discounts when offered, and in any case always ensuring that your suppliers receive their payments on the intended date.

When it comes to payables, SparcPay offers a cost efficient, environmentally friendly alternative that maximizes your profit while maintaining strong supplier relationships.