SparcPay's newest release is Version 2.27 (B) and it includes these additional features:

    1.  Vendor banking change notifications. This feature has been implemented to prevent incorrect vendor payments if incorrect information is keyed or selected. It does this by providing a second opportunity for the information to be reviewed by a Company Administrator. When a vendor's banking information is changed and the new information is not matched to a registered vendor by email or postal code, a notification will go to anyone with the Company Administrator role. This notification will advise that banking information changed and will show the original and new banking information, as well as the registered information if it is a registered vendor. If the information is correct no action is required. If it is not correct you should have it corrected immediately to prevent payments to an incorrect vendor or bank account.  If you do not wish to receive the notification then you should have yourself removed from the Company Administrator role. This is an example of a notification:
    2. Log in by site. When you login the site you are logging into will display on the login screen. You will have the opportunity to change the site you are logging into by clicking change and keying in the new site name: Once logged in the site that you are logged into will be displayed at the bottom of the menu:
    3. New menu option - Account Preferences. This option will give you easy access to your preferences such as changing your password. There are also new preferences coming, including setting your own reminder schedule and setting an auto-approve threshold. These features are not yet in general release so settings will not have an impact until they are implemented in a future release.
    4. Plus additional changes to enhance performance and security.