These are the major new features of SparcPay 2.4 and how to use them:

    1. A shortcut on the home screen takes Approvers directly to their approvals. This is particularly helpful when approving from a mobile device:
    2. Registered SparcPay vendors with verified direct deposit information are now matched in real time based on their email address when you have a bill enter the Approval process.
    3. If a vendor is not registered it’s easy to invite them with just a click from the Vendor Edit screen or in the enterprise version on the Edit Bills screen:
    4. Vendor banking information is now marked as “Verified” in the app to ensure that the data has been checked.for accuracy. Also, if prompted when verifying, be sure to select Enable Remittance Advice.
    5. You can check vendor registration status yourself at
    6. SparcPay can be configured as standalone – to work with any accounting system or no accounting system